Access Level:
Access levels are defined on a per-user, per-account, per-service level. An access level specifies the permission that a user has to a service under a specific account.
An account is defined as an independent billing entity. Clients may have more than one web site and still have only one account (receive only one invoice).
A company represents a "customer". A single company may have multiple accounts (receive multiple invoices).
The symbolic name or address that is typed in to a web browser to access a web site. A typical example is:
A service is represented by a secure page on the ABC, listed on the menu at left. Account administrators may restrict permissions to services at a per-user, per-account level.
A user is a person listed as a contact for one or more accounts. The user profile defines the basic information that describes the user, including their access to accounts.
Web Site:
The basic service at Back2Front. A web site may have multiple domains (aliases) associated with it.